Arpan's 2010

Experience the 3100 Mile Race with visual images from each day of the 'Longest Race in the World' Please click one of these daily thumbnail photos to see many of my photos from that day to get a feel for the experience of the Longest Footrace in the World: The Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, 2010.
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Day 29-Mysterious Visitor

Day 30-Tour de 3100

Day 32-Let It Rain

Day 33-Birthday Visitors

Day 35- Happiness Rules

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Day 39- Galya Gala

Day 40- Bird's Eye View

Day 42- Detour

Day 43- Sunday Visitors

Day 45- 3000 and Counting

Day 47- Two Happy Finishers

Day 48- Pranjal Transcends

Day 49-Final Weekend

Day 50- Atmavir Triumphs